What a difference attitude makes when you look forward to your job. While every day is sure not perfect, there are a lot more good days than bad days.  In reality it is hard to find a totally bad day and if they are there in our memories they are soon forgotten as the good days outnumber the bad hours.

How many people get paid to see all of our wonderful country and Canada?  Places we read about in school or imagined, we have now seen and enjoyed.  Being from Arizona and then living is southwest Kansas I could only dream of what fall foliage looked like.  I will never forget the day in Virginia as we topped a hill and the valley below us was covered in fall colors.  I know that I gasped and could understand why so many quilters strive to make quilts using fall colors.  The scene was breathtaking.

When cresting a hill and winding our way down into a peaceful village and seeing the steeple of a large white church I think of all of the books I have read that talk about this vision.  Now I have seen it in person.  Driving along the ocean on the east as well as the west coast has also been a highlight.  Going through cities that I have read about and never expected to see just about gives me goose bumps.  Seeing skyscrapers all lit up are fascinating and Christmas time they really are something to behold.

Driving through the Appalachians, Rocky Mountains, or the Sierra Nevada’s, my imagination runs away with me as I remember the many stories that I have read or pictures I have seen, and now looking out my windshield there they are.  I often think of the Lewis & Clark expedition and wonder what they thought when they realized they were going to have to cross that mountain or desert. What about the first time we made it to the top of Donner Pass, Grapevine, 4th of July pass, or the many other passes we have been over and then made it safely to the bottom of the mountain.

Not only do we get to see these sights we get to experience many of the attractions or stop in these areas to just soak in the beauty.  Can you imagine stopping in the Redwoods of California and standing next to those magnificent trees?  We have been there and taken the time to see them.  The Joshua Trees in the desert are something else that is fascinating, since I grew up with Saguaro cactuses they do not hold much fascination for me. 

Is everyday like a dream come true?  No, there are lots of things we see that I would rather not see but I choose to forget them and move on.  Concentrating on the negative only leads to more negative.  I choose to look at some of the crazy interesting freight we haul, the crazy situations we get into and have to solve at a customer’s location, and some of the really fascinating people we meet, customers or other drivers.

Does this job fit everyone? No.  The wanderlust is not something everyone has nor do they enjoy.  Imagine waking up in a different place most days and wondering which way to walk to find the restroom?  What about in the winter knowing you are going to have to get out on the not so perfect roads that we are not familiar with to get on down the road and hopefully into better weather conditions.  Like I said there is not a perfect job but I believe for us this job is pretty darn close.

From day to day we do not usually know what kind of freight we will pick up nor what kinds of freight securement challenges we might meet.  We have went into closed banks and taken computers off of desks, we have hauled an envelope, and we have hauled a load of tires across the country.  Not only have we hauled odd freight we have been able to see how many things are made.  We have had tours from proud workers of the products they create and believe me that personal tour by a proud worker is not something we will ever forget.  One that comes to mind is a company that makes the molds for car parts.  I believe what he was showing us was a mold that uses plastic pellets (that we had brought) to make part of a glove box and this mold was huge.  He talked about the different molds they have made, how they are created, how they test them, and finally showing them to the customer for their approval.  The worker who wants to show off what he does gives the best tour.

We have tried this both ways as a driver for a large over the road company and also as an owner operator in expediting.  For us the chance to enjoy our job and see the country has been much easier as a straight truck driver.  We are able to fit into many attractions and not have to worry about a trailer, we have a big sleeper where we have most of the comforts of home, and we are able to have our pets with us.   Do I see an end to this? Nope, we are still having the time of our lives and the excitement is still alive.  I wonder where we will go next?

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