As a driver, the importance of a hands-free earpiece for talking on the phone should never be underestimated.  Not only is it crucial to maintaining proper hands-free access to important incoming calls, a fact of the matter is that it is the law in states that haven’t moved towards outlawing being on the phone at all while driving!  Having had yet another hands-free headset bite the dust, I decided to try my luck at my love for Apple brand products.


Always wanting to be one that keeps current with technology, I decided to research the latest and greatest rather than order an exact replacement for what now lies in my makeshift earpiece “bone yard” desk drawer.  Having been on backorder after finally becoming available to the general public, I was willing to give the Apple Airpods a shot now that they were finally available through my Verizon store. 


Having used it for a few weeks now, I am willing to go out on a limb to claim it as the best bluetooth earpiece I have ever purchased!  Unlike most trucking specific earpieces, there is no bulky battery pack and it literally feels like nothing is in my ear.  The protective case doubles as a charging dock when earphones are inserted into their holders inside.  A readout on the iPhone screen gives you not only the battery life of the earphones, but the charge case as well.  Each of the two earbuds can be used independently, as well as together for music, games, etc.  No exposed rubber nubs for placing calls or volume controls makes their design sleek and comfortable to use.

With hopes that this set of earbuds will stand the test of time that my other ones did and then some, I feel confident in using them to help safely manage incoming hands-free calling.  Always remember that hands-free does not necessarily equal distraction-free though, so only take calls that absolutely cannot wait until the next fuel stop, lunch break, etc.

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The Asus X540LA comes with some great functions such as the speakers, USB-C port, 5-hour battery life and also the fat and for the cost, it will make an excellent accessory for any college student, may it be school, college or university

July 07, 2018 3:50:01 AM


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