Top athletes invest incredible amounts of time, hard work, and energy into a disciplined training regimen. In fact, many Olympic athletes schedule their training years in advance to ensure that they achieve their performance goals. Alongside every top athlete is a team of coaches dedicated to helping them achieve their success. From a nutrition coach to a workout coach, success depends on everyone working together.
Owner-operators need a top business team dedicated to their profits, tax preparation, and their overall financial health. ATBS is the preferred financial coach for thousands of owner-operators across the U.S. Owner-operators are given a dedicated team of experts who provide key coaching tools that translates into greater profit, and less tax burden.

Coaching Your Business To Success
Tool #1: The Profit Plan

The ATBS coaching team is led by Business Consultants who know trucking inside and out. Clients are assigned a personal consulting coach who takes the time to guide them through a custom Profit Plan. This Profit Plan outlines not only the driver’s current financial state, it outlines career ambitions, and the steps it takes to achieve every goal.
Tool #2: Bookkeeping

Imagine sending every receipt you sign to one team -- using any method you like, from a smart phone, fax, email, even US Mail. Next, imagine you can view those receipts anytime, anywhere with just a couple of clicks on your smart phone or desktop. It not only means you can produce a receipt to claim a warranty at a shop, but it means that tax season will be a breeze since your paperwork is automatically merged with your tax return. This is the ATBS Bookkeeping team -- the most technologically advanced, personal organization system for owner-operators in the industry.
Tool #3: Tax Preparation

Make sure your team is defending your bank account at every turn. If you can submit your tax return and be 100% confident that you are writing off every one of the hundreds of possible owner-operator tax deductions, then we commend you. If you are not confident that you can get every possible deduction on your own, then it’s time to hire a reputable tax preparer. Tax preparation is a constantly evolving process and with the Affordable Care Act, your 2014 tax return is more complicated than ever. It has the potential to deliver even more penalties to owner-operators.
The ATBS tax team has organized a simple, three step tax-filing process. Clients can relax on April 15th knowing their taxes are complete, and that more of their money is staying where it belongs -- in their pocket.

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Ms. Nack is a dynamic and innovative marketing leader with 10+ years of broad-ranging experience in industries ranging from small consumer marketing firms to multi-billion dollar healthcare distributors. Amy is currently the VP of Sales and Marketing at ATBS. Ms. Nack graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in International Relations and earned her Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from the University of Dayton.


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