In 2016 during a hurricane we were able to show our truck to over 25 Girl Scouts, their parents, and their siblings.  What truly amazed me is that the weather was horrible but every girl that signed up attended.  It was fun to watch all of the umbrellas that were over each of the girls as they made the short journey to our truck to view the inside and ask questions.

This year, 2017, the weather was much nicer.  As we stood at the front of a large group of young ladies, I was impressed how many parents where in the room with their daughters. 

First, we told the girls some of the highlights of the truck inside and outside.  We talked to them a little about our business and then the girls were split up into three groups.  One group sat in with marketing and the women involved in promoting Freightliners, and then they listened to another lady who is the part of the management team of the plants that make our trucks.

Each group of girls trouped outside to see the truck with half going with Bob to see the exterior of the truck as well as the lift gate and what all we carry to secure our freight.  Inside the girls were able to see how we live and operate our business and ask questions.  Many sat at the table and also in the driver’s seat.  There were numerous questions about the truck and how we do things. 

While the girls were inside doing a group activity we then had the parents come through and ask questions.  It is always fun to talk with a group of people who are not familiar with trucks as they are always surprised at the interior as well as the sophistication of the Freightliners electronics.  Many of the parents get a gleam in their eye as they ask questions about maybe them being able to do what we do someday.

Our hope is that as the girls age they will think back about what they learned during their education at the Freightliner offices and consider transportation in their future.

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