With my previous two articles covering the fact that you can easily file UCR fees without a service agent and how not to fall prey to pushy solicitation emails that look official from said service agents, I am writing this final 2019 UCR follow-up to let everyone know that the time has officially come for the 2019 UCR fees to be official and payable online.  Just prior to the end of the 2018, UCR.gov announced the finalization of the new reduced fees for 2019, though their site might not have actually been showing it yet on the landing page, depending on which internet browser you were using. If you entered your USDOT number and last four of your taxpayer ID though, you were able to go past the landing page as of 12/28/18 and then given the option to register with the newly reduced fees for 2019.  


Though the reduction of fees is designed to only be temporary, I am sure many will agree that a reduction in any fee in trucking is a welcome gesture.  I have gone through and paid mine online as usual, without the aid of a filing service, only having to pay a $1.00 convenience fee for paying with a check online.  I have included a list here of the new 2019 fees direct from the UCR.gov site for reference.  


Regardless of how you file, be sure to do so by the April 1, 2019 enforcement deadline!  I like to pay things as soon as I can, so as of the writing of this article, my company is now paid in full and ready for another year of hauling.  For all you procrastinators, set a reminder and don’t lag until the last minute, just in case there are site problems or channels for renewal become congested!




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