This Saturday November tenth marks the second time I will have the privilege of attending the Circle Ten Boy Scout Conference at the Texas . This year I will be attending the event with my fellow Freightliner Team Run Smart Pro's Bob and Linda Caffee . This was a very rewarding event the last time I had the opportunity to be in attendance . If you happen to be in the area stop in and visit us at this fantastic event . Below I have included the story from the last time Team Run Smart attended the Circle Ten event . Hope to see you there .

Over the weekend, I was invited to participate along with Trucker Buddy International for a weekend camp outing at the Texas Motor Speedway. The event was hosted by the Circle Ten Boy Scout Council for Dallas Ft. Worth and the surrounding areas. This was the regions first event of its kind and there were approximately 11,000-12,000 Boy Scouts and parents in attendance.




Traffic safety badge Transportation Badge

Trucker Buddy International was invited to attend the event following the Great American Truck show in Dallas. Matt Slovack has been a volunteer with Trucker Buddy and also is an active Boy Scout leader. He has organized a course for the scouts within the trucking industry. The course leads to obtaining two merit badges which include traffic safety and transportation. The scouts have enjoyed participating during the Great American Truck show where they gain knowledge on safety and transportation by getting an up close look into the trucking industry. Matt along with Randy Schwartzenburg and K.C. Brau conducted these group scouting events throughout various truck shows around the country during the



Matt Slovack holding court with the Boy Scouts
Matt Slovack , Gary Babbit , Tim Vogt , John McKown Byron Bramwell , Lynn Redmon "not present" and myself all ready to represent the trucking industry . 
The ATA's Driving simulator was a popular attraction .
 Lines to get in the trucks stayed full all day.

year. This has proven to be a great outreach for the Boy Scout organization. Due to the enthusiasm created, Trucker Buddy was invited to attend this Texas event. The American Trucking Association America’s Road Team was in attendance conducting no zone demonstrations. They also offered a driving simulator for those wanting to experience being a real truck driver behind the wheel. The other trucks in attendance were supplied by Don Hummer Trucking, Crete Carriers and Frito Lay. Each of us were very busy the entire event showing and discussing with the scouts, leaders and parents the many issues of safety and new technology employed today. Parents and scouts alike were amazed with our trucks interiors and sleeping accommodations. We spoke on subjects such as image, traffic safety and the dynamics involved with driving a truck safely. I really felt that the attendees had misconceptions about our industry from the start. Once they had an opportunity to speak with the drivers and see how we were dressed and presented ourselves, they seemed to have a new take on what we do for a living. I feel as though they gained a new respect along with knowledge on our industry as a whole.

The event included stations for learned skills such as, first aid, shooting range and a climbing wall challenge. Fireworks were held on Saturday evening as well. This first event for the Texas area was a success.

I wish to thank the Circle Ten Council for inviting the transportation industry to participate in this year’s event. This is just another means in which Trucker Buddy International is representing our industry in a positive way. To learn more about Trucker Buddy or to get involved, you can visit or call 800-692-8339.

 Trucker Buddy President KC Brau proudly  showed his truck all day










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