Looking over my office this weekend, I was reminded of efforts in trucking that many make to better the industry image, by an award I got a year ago from one of my brokers celebrating my company as a top west coast carrier during their celebration of “10/4 Day” on 10/4/16.  As 10/4 day just passed recently, I always like to take time around then to remember those brothers and sisters out their on the road working hard and trying to build a better image for the industry like myself all the time.  Since I got that award last year, it has been my unspoken mission to secretly reward those out there that I see working hard, maintain their equipment, or even just taking the extra time to “do the right thing” in some instances.  My mission continues, but now I will make it known!


Occasionally I will find myself parked for the night next to a truck that exudes pride in it.  Whether it is a company driver or an owner-operator, I like to acknowledge the hard work it takes to keep a truck beautiful through all the elements we see throughout the course of a hardworking day as drivers.  I have made several friendships by leaving a “calling card” of sorts on the “front porch” of these trucks that I park next to sometimes, when I leave them a little “swag” as a token acknowledging their effort to uphold higher standards.  These are some of the same rewards I have given to people I see doing good deeds such as getting out to help a fellow driver back up, getting out and looking when baking into a tight spot, or even something as simple as being courteous enough to pull forward at the fuel island after fueling up to let me begin my transaction.


In a day and age when common sense seems to be less and less common, I like to reward even the ordinary acts of courteousness and good decisions.  If you are caught out there by me in my “Bull Wagon” doing what you are supposed to, or even going above and beyond, know that you may get a little “swag” surprise for doing so.  It’s just my way of making sure that drivers are appreciated year-round and not just for one week a year!  To all of you that have been caught by me…Thanks for fighting the good fight to make us all look better!  For those not yet caught, be on the lookout for me and my “Bull Wagon”, since I’ll always be looking for drivers out there striving to do the right thing!

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