Raised white letter tires, are what we all wanted on our car when we were younger. Now that we drive a truck that is not an option, or is it? Well to purchase them isn't, but having them can be a reality. I have been using paint pens to color the letters on our tires for years. This is not permanent, but looks great and is not hard to do. These pens can be purchased at hobby stores in a variety of colors, maybe even to match your truck. I get the medium point, seems to work best for me, a razor blade can modify the tip if you feel the need.
You can outline the letters, color them in or do both with different colors. When I do it I have a folding seat to sit on, I'm getting to old to sit on the ground. Actually its getting up that's the problem. Do all the tires with the letters up, then move the truck forward or back to get at the rest of the letters and numbers. If you don't like the look, rub a curb, it comes right off. If you do like it, it will last two to three months looking good. I keep an eye on the tires, when it needs done, I do it. 
Getting out of the truck and doing something feels better than just sitting and doing nothing. Your customers and other drivers will make positive comments, and there's nothing wrong with having a good-looking truck.

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You have got to admire Bob. I remember getting my raised white letter tires on my CJ5-so cool.

April 18, 2013 7:47:42 AM