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Trip planning is my personal addiction. My family may be planning an intervention. I am obsessed with it. People may ask me which route from Green Bay to Columbus, OH is the best and it will lead me to a series of questions. Where are you going in Columbus? Yes, it matters to me. If you're going to southwest Columbus, I will suggest taking I65 to Indianapolis and taking I70 to Columbus. It you are going to the northwest side I may recommend taking US 30 to Fort Wayne and then using US33 to Columbus. If you are going to the northeast side I might use the US 30 – US23 to Delaware OH and cut over to I71. Yes, I am that nuts.


That is all before I ask you about time. Yes, of course in my little mind timing matters, you potentially have 4 cities to deal with Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis, and of course Columbus. What time you leave matters. I prioritize rush hours. Chicago's is most important, but the others matter. Weather plays a factor too. If the snow changes to rain at a certain latitude, I may choose the I65 – I70 route over the US 30 routing. Changes is latitude can indeed change my attitude.


One of the great debates among the obsessed trip planners is the Indianapolis, IN to Madison, WI routing. It does make a difference if you are approaching Indy from Louisville, Cincinnati, or Columbus, and when by I won't even go into that, because you are probably not as obsessed as I am. The big debate has 3 basic choices. You could go the long way and use I74 to Bloomington, IL and then up I39. The medium way is to go through Chicago and up US41 to Milwaukee and over. The shortest way involves the toll way from IN to South Beloit, IL. The longest way adds about 32.8 miles the medium way is about 15.4 miles longer. It depends on which way you connect thought INDY. Oh go ahead shoot me – I am that obsessed. It's a problem.


Recently the factors have changed. Fuel prices have dropped and tolls have increased. Now, I have been a fastest way – Chicago to Rockford-Madison believer. That has changed. The toll has increased to the point that my fave route has become economically unfeasible. The Bloomington way against my shortest route judgment has gained. The advantage of going up I65 was that once I got up to I 80 I had choices. The toll increase has narrowed my options.


So, what is my point? Trip planning matters. Factors are constantly changing. Don't just decide at some point that one way is always the best way to go. Make your decision on current factors.


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Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark of Kewaunee, WI has been driving a truck for 24 years. He has been an owner operator for 11 years.

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This is a helpful obsession for profitability.

April 25, 2015 18:23:52 PM

I understand what being obsessed is like Jeff ! It's a nice club though .

April 25, 2015 15:16:18 PM