Different types of loads might require an escort or there could be several loads going to the same place and they have been requested to run together.  Without knowing the details, it can be hard to see if a truck has an escort or not as some companies do not always use another truck with in the same company.  That is neither here nor there of what the escort is driving the key is communication, communication, communication.

List of ideas:

  • Get each other’s phone numbers and driving shifts
  • Route Plan
  • Agree on how fast you want to travel and acceptable speed
  • Communicate to each other when needing to stop
    • Fuel
    • Restroom
    • One of you get pulled into the scale (both will go into scale)
  • Keep a safe traveling distance but keep escorted truck in plain sight
  • When stopping to fuel – both fuel at the same stop one after the other
  • If you are governed let the other truck know your top speed

Escort loads can be stressful as we are either watching the truck we are escorting or watching in our mirrors to make sure we can see the truck escorting us.  Our favorite escort load was with a couple we knew well and it was great to be able to travel with them across the country.  The worst escort was with a truck that wanted to run very fast and we struggled to keep up with them.  They did not break the speed limit but ran the speed limit constantly. 

The bottom line is communicating with each other before the trip and as the trip takes place.  It is a nice change to run in a group and it really can be a lot of fun and experience you will fondly remember forever. 

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