If you’ve ever taken one of your kids with you on the road, you know how their faces light up when they hear about your plans. Whether or not you bring your kids along is an important decision, and may depend on the circumstances. Here are some things to consider before bringing along your child on a trip.

Kids need to play and move around as much as possible. It’s easy to see how riding in a truck for several hours at a time can restrict their ability to get the exercise they need. Try to plan frequent stops so they can stretch their legs, as sitting in one place for so long will probably end in boredom for them, and frustration for you.

Use this opportunity to get out of the truck and stretch your legs too! Stop somewhere that has a trail to walk, or a park to play in if you can. Use the playground to do some pull-ups to get a in a workout for yourself.

Children in the Car
Your kids love hanging out with you, but if you’re on the road for a long time, chances are pretty good that they’ll miss talking and socializing with their friends or their siblings. That’s because kids really crave interaction with other kids. If you’re a driver who spends days on the road at a time, it’s probably not a good idea to have your kids spend that much time away from other kids their own ages.

Learning Opportunities

If you're taking a shorter trip, it could be a great opportunity to bring them along. Team Run Smart Pro Henry Albert remembers taking his son on some of his shorter trips. Just showing up with a child eager to learn usually meant free factory tours, and the ability to see things he may not have ever seen if he hadn't joined his dad on the trip.
Healthy Food Options
As you know, it can be really hard to eat healthy when you’re on the road. Plan ahead to bring healthy meals and snacks along. It will help keep you on track with your health, as well as give your children the best nutrition they can get. Be sure you don't rely on fast food stops unless absolutely necessary - and in that case plan ahead for the best options for your little ones.
Whether you decide to bring them along, or have them stay at home, these are some important things to consider. With a little creativity, you can make your time with them even more fun and enjoyable for everyone!
Do you bring your children on the road with you?
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Perhaps the first question is whether your carrier will allow it. Age 16 is the minimum with mine.

October 19, 2014 13:16:23 PM

Yes I did take my son with me on the road when he was younger . In fact most times it was my wife and son at the same time . We would plan a family trip to a location and then find a load which delivered in the vicinity of our vacation . We then booked a load which would take us home . We also did a lot of shorter day runs together . The refrigerator with healthy foods and snacks for these trips . My wife and son found traveling in the truck to be much more confortable than riding in the family car . We also used this method for visiting freinds and family . A bonus was my son got to have many tours of the places we picked up and delivered at giving a broad veiw of the country we live in . The bonus for was we got paid to travel on vacation instead of paying to travel .

October 13, 2014 12:55:06 PM


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