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Kamkor - 10/13/2017 8:45:10 PM
DT12 Always Wanting a Skip
I'm running a 2017 Evo with the DT12. This transmission, while amazing, ALWAYS wants to Skip Shift. To the point of if I even give 50% throttle, it will hold 1st until 1800 RPMs to get that 3rd gear Shift. Then hold until over 1500 to get that 5th. I feel like I'm constantly redlining this poor DD15, when in my 2014 with a standard 10, I would always shift her near 1400, hardly ever going over 1500 unless it was engine braking.

The only way I can even attempt to keep it from doing this is giving even less throttle, 25%, but then it feels like I'm honestly not moving.

Also, the Transmission has a habit of even when the wheels are turning, and you're slowing down, perhaps for traffic, or a red light that turned green, and you're rolling about 3-5 mph, it will hold at 7th like its waiting to figure out what you're going to do. Then when you press the accelerator, it seems to hesitate, then will drop to 1st, 1800 rpms almost immediately because you're already rolling, then skip to 4th. Does the same in heavy traffic.

In that same scenario, say you need to come to a stop, it will stay in 7th until you're in a DEAD stop. It wont downshift past 7th until you A.) Press the accelerator then it will more than likely bounce to 1st then 4th. Or B.) Come to a complete stop for a couple seconds before it realizes it needs to drop to 1/2/3 (Load dependent). There have been plenty of instances where I'm sitting still in 7th, just came to a stop as the light went green, hit the accelerator and NOTHING for a second or two until it decides "Oh, right, downshift..."

I'm not driving this truck like a maniac either. 225K miles on it, pen and paper MPG around 8.1 (We don't have the best aero on the trailers and usually haul pretty heavy..) Usually cruising 64mph at 1200. Do I really need to start using even less throttle on takeoff? And will it ever downshift past 7th on slowdown? Or do I have a programming issue? Or do I need to manually downshift when it gets that low?

Public Anonymous User
Henry Albert - 10/16/2017 8:31:23 AM
RE:DT12 Always Wanting a Skip
Send me a e mail and we can discuss what you are experiencing. There are ways to change the response you are receiving from your DT 12.


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