Having water constantly available for your pet is not an easy task in a moving vehicle.  When we had Molly and Boots our Cocker Spaniels I kept a pan under the water bowl to catch the sloshing and then along came Texas.  From the start Texas has always been very enthusiastic when she drinks.  We had a wood floor in the truck that she ruined and we went to a vinyl floor and I started looking at ways to curb her enthusiastic water lapping. 

First, I found the Water Slurper and that worked great but it was hard to clean and Squeaky that cat could not drink out of it.  Squeaky who drinks very daintily ended up with his personal bowl that Texas cannot get to.  This has worked well except for how hard it is to keep the water bowl clean.

Then I saw the Vitalumos Dog Water Bowl that is splash free, easy to clean, and Squeaky could also drink out of it.  I ordered the bowl off of Amazon and when we arrived home I washed the bowl up, filled it with water, and set it down for Texas.  Well she has no problems drinking out of it and neither does Squeaky.  What I like is that it works for all sizes of dogs and it is easy for Texas to drink out of. 

It is easy to see when the bowl needs to be refilled and is easy to keep clean.  The bowl is not huge and so with a dog the size of Texas we need to fill it a few times a day.  The water bowl will not slide on the floor in the truck and contains the water well.  The price was also good at $20.99 compared to the Slurper at $29.50.

 I would recommend this bowl to anyone who has a pet in the truck.


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