Entering a truck show is not to be taken lightly as there is a lot of work involved and we did a small video of Bob talking about what he did on the outside of the truck and I, Linda talk about what I did to the inside.

The hours spent throughout the year keeping the truck looking good really pay off when it comes to entering the truck in a show.  Not often is the truck cleaned and polished to the degree it has to be when having judges look over everything but it is often close to this degree of clean.

When we added the kitty and then the puppy to the truck I figured we were done showing due to animal air and normal wear and tear of having animals in the truck.  As I was cleaning I was amazed at where all animal hair was found but in no time, I was making progress and the pet hair disappeared.

I wrote an article about a little more of what all is involved to get ready for a Pride and Polish Truck Show Team "Rub" Smart


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