Replacing the engine air filter is easy enough; there are some tools required, but most small toolsets should have what is needed, a 5/16 socket, a long extension, and a ratchet. There is a recommendation for replacing an air filter, read your owner’s manual for the suggested replacement interval. Do what you feel is best for your equipment.

As a young mechanic, I worked for a fleet that replaced the air filter at every oil change. I now know that may have been too often, live, and learn. Some trucks, then and now, have an air restriction indicator. This is a device that is mounted to or ported to, and some trucks have a gauge in the dash, the intake duct between the air filter and the turbo. The indicator measures the vacuum pulled on the air filter, the more vacuum, the dirtier the filter.

I have always replaced the air filter every 100,000 miles on my trucks, so that is why I replaced this one. The video starts with the hood open, and the filter is replaced from the driver’s side. I’m tall, so I could stand on the ground to do this, you may need to stand on something or sit on the tire, whichever be careful and remember, safety first.


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