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【student loans with no credit and no cosigner 】 Lu Xi's own game will start the day after tomorrow, and Deng Chang's game will start tomorrow. Although he was asked to "don't search on Weibo" and so on, after Chen Qi found that Lu Xi's mentality was not bad, he didn't force him anymore. Then he uninstalled all social software. 。

They were not pure friends from the very beginning, they were partners, comrades-in-arms, and the only confidants in similar situations.

In the middle of speaking, some familiar scenes suddenly popped up in his mind.

Japan has a mature men's singles training system, and the level of men's singles has always been among the top in the world. If Subaru Asano still can't prove his strength this year, newcomers will soon come out and take away his resources. One can imagine the pressure on him .

"Yes, send it to me every day." Lucy said.

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Three days later, Lucy returned to the head body with a bronze medal and a bunch of souvenirs.
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A game is a game, and Lucy is Lucy, he doesn't want to talk about it, even when faced with a drunk Lucy, "It's time to go."
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This is in line with the personality of the two little ones in his group. Deng Chang is the type who has to be fully prepared for everything, and Lu Xi is the type who cannot walk when there is an ice rink. Going to the ice rink to see it is really moving.
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In the return battle after the defeat, he set the highest short program record in his career, and it was also the fifth three-digit short program score in the whole schedule after the four continents plus the two races of the Grand Prix this year.
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Obviously, it was an excuse to express his anger at Deng Chang's distraction on the eve of the game.
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At first Deng Chang didn't even dare to see Lu Xi, and watched him silently outside the window, he was afraid that his appearance would make Lu Xi feel more uncomfortable when he thought of skating, and the appearance of wanting to see but not being able to see him was also very distressing.
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Since the teaching assistants have turned on such beautiful rose lights in cooperation, they must still perform some set movements, even if they are impromptu.
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"Staying is staying anyway." Lucy said.
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