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【total interest paid on mortgage 】 For immortal treasures like Wangxiantai, the material defects are easy to repair. 。

The probability of a catastrophe is usually very low.

Under the attack of two fingers, the faceless man in white robe was wiped out!

But at the same time, I can also clearly feel that there is a lot of knowledge in my mind.

But Sister Hong, Carl, Lu Younan, Ma Feng, Gu Xi and others shouted excitedly: "Jiang Li! Jiang Li, you are back!"

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Wang Zhengchu shook his head and denied it as soon as he heard it: "Six levels of Qi training? Brother An, stop joking with me!"
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Zhao Gongming was taken aback, his old face flushed, and he held back for a long time... Obviously he was hesitating, but finally he said: "Sister Hong..."
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At this moment, from An Ran's expression in his eyes, he felt a bit of caring for the mentally retarded.
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"My lord will know everything that happened here. One day, my lord will avenge me and send you to me—"
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Jiang Li said: "Old lady, protect yourselves, I'll go and have a look."
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"Wait until this king returns to the realm of the ghost king..."
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Therefore, for the cultivators of the Four Great Sacred Lands, this is not only a good opportunity to communicate with each other and learn from each other, but also an excellent opportunity to find out their true and false backgrounds!
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As a price, the remaining two options are completely unreadable.
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