the best aotu loan for student
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【student loan forgiveness for graduate loans 】 Wan Gu City is the site of Wan Gu Building, everything in the city can be found by Wan Gu Building at will, and can also control everything. 。

Moreover, Su Ran also practiced poisonous way!

He walked to the other four stone castles to have a look.

When they first entered the inheritance site, the beast roars they heard were probably from these Gu beasts.

'Hey, this year's sales conference is a good opportunity. I heard Mingguang City is in a tight spot. Jue Yue and the human control Gu are attacking Mingguang City, attracting a large number of high-grade Gu masters to help. There are few high-grade Gu masters. The pressure is much less. '

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Those who know the top-level Gu technique can fight at a higher level.
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Didn't bring Gu tools?
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He is still analyzing the strength of the human control gu.
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And freedom can only be given under the pressure of strength.
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Strength is for display, and Su Ran has no intention of hiding it, as much strength as he has is shown.
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Flying Immortal Gu is extremely valuable, comparable to Flowing Bead Gu, if you get Flying Immortal Gu, whether it is for your own use or in exchange for other Gu, it can help Gu masters with outstanding aptitude to achieve the ninth rank in the future.
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They all carried a sixth-rank Gu and a large amount of spiritual medicine. Once they encountered danger in the inheritance ground, they could advance to sixth-rank at any time, and quickly possess the combat power of a sixth-rank Gu master. "
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If Su Ran wanted to get out of Beiyuan City with his current strength, he would definitely search for the rare Gu worms from the major forces in Beiyuan City.
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