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"After years of preparation, it's time to harvest." ... personal loans for thin credit

test. package mortgage definition After that, the Taiming Sword flew out, suspended around An Ran's body, and turned into an unbreakable sword circle! ….

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A large number of sorcerers of the Golden Palace, each transformed into a fighting form, led by several sorcerer kings, surrounded a weird lotus pod, constantly mobilizing witch treasures, and trapped that lotus pod tightly! .

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What a coincidence, An Ran broke in at this time! ...

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On Ling Jieyu's beautiful face, the wine-red eyes were a little sad: "It would be great if I could be with you at that time, but unfortunately at that time..."

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" could it be so strong?!"

After realizing this, his heart set off a stormy sea.

"You you you you you—"

At the same time, the void opened many gaps again.

The sword array lost another piece of the fairy sword, and the pressure on the rest of the people became more and more terrifying. The few elders with weaker cultivation bases had already begun to vomit blood again and again, and they were on the verge of falling, and they were almost fucked by the sword array!

"What the hell?"

A fiery red hot goggle rolled out on the ground.

Such a lofty realm was completely beyond his imagination.

It's a pity that I really can't beat it.jpg

Waving his hand feebly, Wang Zhengchu turned his gaze to An Ran again. .

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"Okay, don't move, it will be over soon after the fight." .

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