my father once gave me a small loan of a million dollars
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【small business loan bad credit woman 】 "People from Jinlong?" Liu Yong said in surprise, "Shaoyan, what's going on?" Although Liu Yong doesn't manage the guild affairs now, he also understands that the two members of the guild leader Ye Tianhe are most optimistic about. The young people are Ye Jinlong and Chu Shaoyan. Now that Ye Jinlong and Chu Shaoyan are in conflict, how can he not be nervous? 。

Hearing Tang Jinlong's name, Chu Shaoyan did not show a surprised expression, as if he had already guessed the answer.

The Sanhe Consortium is a well-known monopoly capital consortium in Beijing. Its core consists of dozens of large companies, involving banking, insurance, industrial and mining, trading companies, department stores, finance, and transportation. Among them, Sanhe Bank is the core of the consortium, and its subordinates are Known as the three pillars of the consortium, Hitachi Zosen, Ube Industries and Teijin Corporation.

"Boss Zhang, what are you?"

Many croupiers in major casinos in the world are trained by the casinos since they were young. To say cheating is cheating on gamblers, how can they cooperate with customers to cheat?

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Seeing Chu Shaoyan's serious expression, Xu Dahui couldn't help nodding his head, but added: "Can't the dozen or so backbone brothers we had a meeting just say?"
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After Chu Shaoyan sat down, the president Ye Tianhe tapped the table a few times at the front of the conference room. The sound of his knocking is not loud, but it is very regular. Hearing the sound, everyone shifted their eyes from Chu Shaoyan to Ye Tianhe.
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Now that Ye Jinlong's whereabouts are unknown, this is also a great potential threat! After all, apart from Mr. Jiang's own strength, more than half of the people in his hands are under the jurisdiction of Ye Jinlong. If Ye Jinlong came back, he would definitely give up the top spot.
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"Bang!" A member of the Sanlian Association rushing to the front kicked open the courtyard gate. The moment the gate was kicked open, several flashes of fire flashed in the yard, and a burst of dense bullets swept out as if they didn't want money.
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Mike only felt a piercing pain in his arm, and he was shocked. An irresistible force made him take two steps back! At the same time, he saw Sombra throwing a fierce elbow!
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If it's a dream, it's useless to think too much in advance, but this dream is too real.
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At the same time, in the villa of Minister of Security Zhou Changqing, this calm and calm soldier in the past is very nervous at this moment! All because of that phone call from Shi Pinghu.
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"That's good, perform well, and the future sparring fee will definitely not be low." The coach said with satisfaction, turned and left.
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