what is the highest credit rating you can get
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【what is the lowest credit score you can have 】 No matter if it is the fourth rank or fifth rank, whether it is the Moon Hunter or other powerful disciples, they must honestly pass the review of the Minghuo mirror, otherwise, they will be ruthlessly beheaded by the sixth rank Gu master stationed on the side. 。

Three fourth-rank double-arm Gu; seven fourth-rank blood Gu; one fourth-rank viscera; two fourth-rank bone Gu.

The flame of Void Burning Hand is transformed by power. It is said to be fire, but in fact it is power in essence. Water cannot be extinguished, and it can only be broken with strength to prevent it from being broken.

"I have hidden a ninth grade Mythical Gu?"

The little girl hugged the bone qin, and the sound of crying was heard throughout the world.

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Huang Yao thought of Su Ran's words that twenty cannon fodder Gu masters were the key to breaking through the Five Sects, so he made a surprise attack.
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The entrance and exit of the heritage site.
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"A little bit." Su Ran replied helplessly.
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The original intention of setting up the arena is to provide some Gu masters who have feuds with each other, to provide a place to settle their grievances. In Wangu City, you can't fight at will, so there is a central arena.
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That's too scary.
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Bet against each other for equal value.
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As for the Gu masters who can cultivate to the seventh and eighth ranks, which one is not a person with great ideals and ambitions, he will not give up his future easily, and would rather endure time than give up the difficult knowledge of the sixth and seventh ranks Ling Gu.
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However, the Black Sunflower Token represents the inheritance of the poison line of the ancestor of the Black Sunflower, so it can't be wrong.
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