what to do about credit card fraud
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【how to account for credit card rewards 】 "Okay!" the crow shouted, and then heard a jingle behind him. 。

Among them, Xiang Shaokong came with three thousand chariots. In the east, the combat effectiveness of the army is not cannon fodder. Although this army is not a strong man at the Taoist level, any one of them is a strong man in the realm of supernatural powers. The Dao Talisman is densely covered in an individual, reflecting each other, evolving a killing formation, communicating the power of heaven and earth, and triggering the entire Dao to fall, which is extremely terrifying.

But this guy is not a good guy, so he stepped forward and put his arms around Karl and said, "Let me introduce to you officially, this is my good brother, a pure man of iron and blood, Karl Alexander. Karl is the name, the one behind It’s the surname... from now on, it’s fine to call him Big Brother Carl.”

In this quiet square, although the sound is very small, but this square is very evil, it seems to have the effect of gathering sound, and the sound will be amplified.

"Sub-holy-level Shisha? That peerless woman who is said to have ambushed a saint and stained him with blood?" At this moment, Feng Zhan, the master of the Fengmen sect, was startled.

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This shows that he is a peerless powerhouse above a saint!
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In the midst of anger and crisis, Jiang Li finally broke out and completely entered a state of fighting spirit. There were no distracting thoughts in his mind, only fighting!
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At the same time, someone posted a brand new message on the Internet: "One day ago, I saw a peerless strong man passing through the air in a Wind Clan carriage, suspected to be a sub-sage!"
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"Fengmen, one of the sects of the hidden world. But he is not really completely hidden. In this world, Fengmen has its own power, spreading across the seven major countries. The disciples of Fengmen walk around among the major countries...they are very mysterious and powerful It is said that the worst disciples of Fengmen are all existences of Daoist level!"
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Jiang Li rubbed his fists and said, "So, you have the courage to fight me because of the large number of people? But then again, if you fight alone, I will torture you to death with one hand! Even if it's three people..."
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As soon as these words came out, the eyes of everyone present lit up.
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One is to test our bottom line, and the other is to reduce our control over Dongdu through this matter. At the same time, they also released a signal that they have no fear of us and Jiang Li... This signal seems useless now.
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Jiang Li snapped his fingers and turned around to look for the target.
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