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Yu Zai let Guzi enter the Star Fire Disk again, and Guzi walked in very sadly, but Dayi told Guzi quietly that there is a tree in the southern wilderness called "Daoweihe". This kind of tree is not afraid of water and fire. After he found it, he helped Guzi make a new bamboo hat. .

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As for Cang Shu, he said that he would tell the truth. As for Huan Dou, he didn't know what he was thinking with a smile, but he made the same promise as Yan Long.

Yu Zai had a bitter face, and Ah Hong said it lightly, but she didn't do anything about the labor.

Going out of the city to meet the enemy is also an effective way to prevent the enemy from approaching the city gate. In siege warfare, whether it is climbing the city wall or hitting the city gate, as well as siege equipment such as ladders, knife carts, and trebuchets, they are actually all for opening the city gate. .

"Huh? He said there are good things!"

Chi Du yelled loudly, but not many people listened to his words. Most of the Sanmiao fighters were filled with anger and arrogance. Sanmiao had never had the habit of raising their shields while charging!

The first is to thank him, after all, he is a lifesaver, and the second is to accuse this guy of his damn behavior.

"However, based on the current speed, San Miao will come here in a little more than a year at most."

The originally ferocious water monster pounced in front of the fortress, but was punched in the head by the second gust of water, and it was smashed into the street!

Among the big leaders of San Miao, there is actually a Qi refiner!

Guzi felt very comfortable staying by the flames of the three pans! .

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