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【high interest low vocabulary science materials free 】 "Hello? Don't worry about who I am, Jiang Li is being taken by the devil to the soil emperor's lair." Chen Ya lowered her voice. 。

While speaking, Jiang Li had already returned to the plane, and then suddenly raised his head: "No! There is a hole here!"

The figure laughed loudly and said, "Die dog, go to hell!"

When Jiang Li went out, Liu Ru bid farewell to Sister Hong, Aunt, and Grandpa before coming out. At this point, Jiang Li gave her a little high regard. No matter what she did, Very polite indeed.

The other party snorted, rolled his eyes and passed out.

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Speaking of this, Jiang Li waved his hand and said: "Okay, passbooks, you can avoid death and life. Aren't you good at setting up the scene and acting as a background wall? I'll find you a place to go..."
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As a result, both of them ran past him, and then he saw Ma Feng opened the big iron cage, and the rest of you carried roast ducks out one by one...
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The earth emperor didn't do anything, but said to himself: "My power comes from the earth, where there is earth, I can continuously draw the power of the earth..."
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Cheng Shu said: "I'm going to chase Jiangli, there are still many little devils here, and it seems that Guxi and the others are seriously injured. Grandpa Qin, please help take care of him."
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Hei Lian thought about it, it seemed that it was indeed the case, so she nodded and said, "Yes."
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"Okay! You teach me!" Qian Mo widened his eyes happily when he heard this, and looked at Jiang Li, as if little stars could fly out of his eyes.
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Jiang Li's forehead was full of black lines. It was the first time he regretted cheating Hei Lian with delicious food. This was simply digging a hole for himself!
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Hei Lian immediately burst out laughing when she heard the words: "Laughing like a fool, hahaha...Jiang Li, I think this suits you very well!"
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