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An Ran clasped her hands together, bowed to the woman in the white skirt, and then lifted the hem of her skirt with quick eyes and hands. ... requirement for small business loan

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The Nanming Immortal King's physical strength can naturally withstand the terrifying power of inversion and confusion when traveling through space. ...

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Thinking up to this point, An Ran turned to look at Wang Zhengchu again: "I don't know what brother Wang wants?"

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He saved the whole village of girls back then, which was a sacrifice.

The figure of Immortal King Nanming sank into the void and then disappeared.

"Don't worry too much. To put it bluntly, those guys are just monsters hovering on the edge of the forbidden zone, not real creatures in the forbidden zone. If they really come out, my lord will naturally solve them."

What, you said there is such a thing as a subpoena token?

Several young people who gathered together were in full bloom and full of vigor. They felt An Ran's gaze and immediately frowned.

But there's one thing that's astonishing—

The timid little girl: "..."

Suddenly, the young man's gaze swept over and fixed on Li Zhong who was in a panic.

"So he still remembers this." Immortal King Nanming's brows gradually relaxed, and he thought to himself, "Forget it, it's just a shot, it's harmless."

An Ran nodded without thinking: "I know this. In the past few days, haven't you been invaded every day? From the Ling Family to the Grassland King's Court, which one of them didn't come in and out of your body?" .

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At that time, although she did not enter the first echelon, she was also a leader in the second echelon. .

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