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loans low credit - who qualifies for a reverse mortgage ."Uh, it's true that I just got a great achievement, but I can't say how it happened." Su Ran replied. |.

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When he incorporated the Seventeen Poisons into Xu Fen's Hand, Su Ran had studied all kinds of poison techniques, so he now knows a lot about various poison techniques. ...

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In terms of spirit Gu, he got two fifth-rank spirit Gu, and some first-to-fourth-rank spirit Gu. Su Ran needed a fifth-rank mythological enlightenment medicine, and he was short of one fifth-rank spirit Gu.

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Although Su Ran doesn't care much about secret stones, secret stones are very important to Gu masters and big forces.

Su Ran walked into it.

In my opinion, this battle can't be fought, just admit defeat. "


Suppressing the anger in his heart, he finally released the blood fire control of the fifth-grade Gu, and gave Su Ran a fourth-grade meridian Gu.

Do some work.

Su Ran's ability to strike with such strength shows that when he punched, he also used an additional middle-level or high-level fourth-grade Gu technique.

For this kind of recovery, the effect of external force treatment is limited, and it needs to adapt to the world after eight thousand years.

Su Ran's biggest opponent is the ninth grade Reverse Blood Phoenix Gu.

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