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"Are you a disciple of the Twenty-Five Peak?" ... how to get school loan

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Mr. Liu's purpose of coming to Taixuan Sword Sect is now clearly known to everyone. .

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An Ran picked up the burial copper coffin, and smashed the young man into a paper figurine again. ...

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"Before we came, we investigated the information of the young sword fairy. Ji Chang should be a..."

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That old thing... he's back! !

Immortal King Nanming frowned subconsciously: "I am not your tool..."

"He hesitated for a while when he said the runes of the immortal way. Sure enough, he knew that these were not runes of the immortal way at all, but the legendary innate divine runes!"

Hearing this question, Tai Mingjian was silent for a moment, and with a flash of sword light, he wrote a line of elegant handwriting:

"You... count yourself as ruthless!"

Like an instinctive reaction, Yan Qingzhu was shocked on the spot, and sat down obediently.

The white-robed fairy sighed, and said helplessly: "Everyone, it's a little troublesome to explain, but please believe that the black-robed fairy who is causing chaos at this moment is not the same individual as me. The reason why I came to you is because I want to use your strength."

There is also one pupil of her eye, the white of the eye is gone, only the black as deep as ink remains!

Settling down in the Yuanshen Pavilion for the time being is a relatively good choice.

He could tell at a glance that these young people were descendants of Xianqin's aristocratic family, and they belonged to the rising stars among Xianqin cultivators. They had heard of the reputation of the Four Great Sacred Lands, but they had never witnessed their true power...Of course there are also quite a few Possibly, this group of people came to Xianlian Cave to see the beautiful girl. .

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He was actually very anxious, lest the new system would kill him on the spot. .

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