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【cash loans for business start up bad credit 】 The green-haired tortoise was held up by the burly Yang Dayu and waved in mid-air. The world was spinning, and it was so frightened that it screamed and screamed. 。

Zi Die thumped him and said, "I...why should I be jealous? You think I really like you, didn't I just say that? I really hate you, you self-righteous playboy!"

"No, you are very beautiful." Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly, touched her head, and added in a low voice: "Very beautiful, just like the morning light, with a dazzling quality."

At the same time, Chu Shaoyan has entered the Xiangdu Special Zone alone. Through various signs, he is sure that Wu Chao has left Yangcheng and entered the Xiangdu Special Zone. This demon must not be let go, he must be killed!

"By the way, Zetian, do you know Deputy Director Liu of Jiangcheng Tower?" Chu Shaoyan asked suddenly.

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"Your child is also my child." Shangguan Zetian said, "So, you must go to Jiangbei immediately and bring the child and the child's mother back. As for our immigration plan, I think the progress should be accelerated. I am in the business circle of the United States My friend Zhu Luo contacted the people over there last time, and their offer was fairly fair, but our side is a bit more complicated, and your woman doesn't seem to be able to handle it."
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At this point and then everyone applauded.
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Chu Shaoyan stared at Liu Churui and sneered, "Liu Churui, I know you have a rather pitiful background. There is a saying that a poor person must have something to hate, and it is you!"
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Yan Shuya came over, embraced him with her arms movedly, and kissed those scars five or six times in a row: "Brother, you must have suffered so much pain at that time, right?"
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Wu Tianhao let out a long sigh, and said shamelessly: "I know you didn't allude to me, I'm guilty of myself! Now as long as I mention my cousin Hao Shengwen, those traitors, the Shanghai Flower Entertainment City tragedy and Brother Li Yiqian, I will feel guilty! Captain! During the fierce battle in the provincial capital, I was specially sent back to Jiangcheng to deal with Hao Shengwen, but I actually let him go because of personal reasons, and almost didn't take any measures, which resulted in a catastrophe!"
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Chu Shaoyan took her into his arms, stroked her hair, and said with a long sigh: "What you said is not unreasonable, I'm sorry, Zidie. Especially for the demise of the Butterfly Gang, I have an inescapable responsibility .As for avenging your mother and your Liudie sisters, I will do my best and never let those murderers go unpunished!"
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Liu Danyan was startled, nodded and said: "Remember, isn't he the descendant of the red-capped businessman Rong, the vice president of a certain group? As far as Rong is concerned, he is a malleable talent."
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The two quickly packed up their belongings, and walked out the window without even returning the room card. The special ID card used for registration is not afraid that anyone will be able to find it out.
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