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【small business loan interest rates 2022 】 Gao Meng, who once had a taste of Chu Shaoyan's majesty, said with a wry smile: "Secretary, there are only ten or twenty good people like us, I'm afraid..." 。

"She is a very steady girl. Although she is not talented, she works a lot of overtime, is very diligent, and likes to help others. People in the office often ask her to help with a lot of work."

The reception was held in a private club in Wujin City. This club named "Dihao" was owned by Liu Yuhao, the richest man in Wujin City and real estate tycoon.

When Chu Shaoyan came to the messy cockpit, he saw Duguba leading people in. The two sides met on a narrow road and immediately started a fierce battle. The enemy is not weak, there are at least three top gunmen, and the firepower is strong enough. The bullets ejected from the large-caliber assault rifle hit the steel plate around Chu Shaoyan with a loud "bang bang" sound!

"What does it mean to be constructive?" Emily was surprised after hearing this.

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The above eight people, together with Wu Jialian, a famous Emei secularist, and Wu Huijun, a total of ten masters, can be described as extraordinary in strength. But even so, they were trembling on the way in, and the gunshots of the fierce battle on the cliff made the atmosphere extremely tense.
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Strangely, Hua Zidie didn't make a sound or struggle. Chu Shaoyan was a little surprised. When he looked down at her, the girl's eyes were blurred, her face was blushing, her small mouth was slightly parted, and her expression was so charming that his heart skipped a beat.
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"We, how did we fall to such a high place, how do we get down!"
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The rocky man who had been unsatisfied with Yan Shuya before, and was teased by Zidie just now, felt hot at the moment, hugged her and walked quickly up the stairwell without saying a word.
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After the hug, Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly, patted him on the shoulder and asked, "Thank you very much for your support to us in this operation. Do you have any plans after this shocking operation? What are your plans this time?" If you betray your employer by action, you may not be able to survive in the killer world!"
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"Woo, woo!" Xu Cen was so frightened that he almost fainted and struggled desperately. Double strands become dog food, is that still a human being? It's even worse than torture!
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Everyone looked at it for a long time and shook their heads. No one thought that black could save the game. After all, there is a huge difference in the field and prospects of the two sides. Except for the two corners of the white chess, which are somewhat empty, the rest of the chess is almost unstable.
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Chu Shaoyan sighed slightly in his heart. Compared to his character, the two brothers' accomplishments in martial arts were indeed much higher. Just showing up like this made his mind slightly shaken!
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