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In such a comparison, although Danzhu looked at him with strange and complicated eyes now, Yuliang couldn't help feeling a sense of inferiority. ... bad credit 6-12 month loans personal

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Uncle Xi was taken aback. .

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But Dayi didn't care, and insisted that he would go to the fields to work. As for the real purpose, everyone knew it. ...

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In the past, the Yan Emperor's daughter drowned in the East Sea and turned into Jingwei. She called herself the name. Every time she held a piece of wood and stone from the west mountain, she filled the East Sea. Drowning in this river, swear not to drink its water, a bird swears, a wronged bird, also known as Zhiniao, commonly known as the emperor's bird.

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The totem of Yu Zai manifested, but it was not the totem of Chifang clan.

"I am Yang Ji."

"God, it seems that your descendants have been killed."

Uncle Xi saw a lot of things in it, such as the jade of Kunlun, the gold of Lishui, the sword of Juque, and the pearl of luminous light. These are obviously the names of treasures, but even Uncle Xi has only heard half of them.

"Eight hundred, almost!"

Baili Mao stared and saw the soldiers he sent to the Chifang Clan, and Bai Huangqi also saw Baili Mao, who was carrying a salt stone on one shoulder, and vigorously swung the pickaxe with the other hand: " Witch! Witch!"

Shan Dushen looked at it for a while, and his face became gloomy. He felt that the sheep's head was getting more and more unpleasant, so he trampled the wooden signboard to pieces.

You have to eat food one bite at a time, and you have to walk step by step on the road. Don't be in a hurry, otherwise, you won't be able to eat and walk around!

"What's this, this, this is too..." .

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Anyway, Dayi has so many friends, so if you just make up one, there will always be someone who can be right. .

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