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【how not to pay mortgage insurance 】 "Uh, where did I miss it? I seem to have peeked at it many times..." 。

Chu Shaoyan said coldly: "You two, please have some common sense, okay? The postponement of the general meeting of shareholders must be supported by more than 50% of the equity to be established. How much equity do you two add up?"

The trunk of the cedar in front was also cut off by half, and it couldn't bear the pressure of the cedar in the back. It let out a "squeak" and then fell forward with greater ground energy.

At this time, outside the building of the inpatient department, the leaders of the four leading groups of Liu County, headed by Hu Zhidong, stood neatly.

Su Dong's face changed slightly, and he sat down angrily.

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"Don't you have the right to decide this trivial matter?" Luo Yun stared at the rock man with sharp eyes.
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Chu Shaoyan nodded helplessly. Realizing her victory, Li Rongrong was so happy that she almost jumped for joy, she even lowered his head, kissed him heavily on the lips, and then shyly said: "Hey, don't think about it, the kiss of friendship!"
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Chu Shaoyan tried his best to calm down his breathing, but he still couldn't suppress his violent coughing. In the heart-pounding struggle just now, his lungs were severely injured, and the previous injury also recurred, his body was in pain as if it had been dismantled, and even the rare starry eyes made him almost dizzy.
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Luo Zhifeng's burly body leaned back, and a look of nostalgia gradually appeared on his stern face: "Twenty years have passed, and it has been twenty years since I left the 'Sky Sword Organization'!"
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Shangguan Zetian looked around and said, "This is not a place to talk. Jin Yufan, if you trust me, please go to the demolition office and discuss it carefully."
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Everyone was working hard, when suddenly a team of People's Liberation Army joined the rescue operation, and the rescue progress was greatly accelerated immediately. Chu Shaoyan lifted a cement block weighing more than two hundred kilograms, and threw it more than ten meters, making a huge bang, which shocked everyone to look sideways.
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"Hey, handsome brother-in-law with a sweet heart, what are you looking at?" The girl called out in a narrow voice.
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"Just stopping work for one day, will it lead to a delay in the construction period?" Chu Shaoyan asked puzzled.
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