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Xu Yibai gradually calmed down, he realized that he shouldn't be irritated by Guan Shu in this way, and his smooth words were all hidden blades, he was just sowing discord. ... conflict of interest policy nonprofit template free

test. interest free credit cards and zero balance transfer He didn't know how long he had hugged Omega, but he could see that the clothes around Shen Yao's waist were wrinkled. ….

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However, just when Abao's fist was still a little away from Chen Wei's face, Abao stopped moving his hands. Because he saw an extra gun in Chen Wei's hand at some point, and the gun was pointing at Ah Bao! .

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The lounge is spacious, with a balcony behind it, the door is left open, and the curtains are blown and shaken by the wind. The trays on the table are full of drinks and wine, as well as desserts. ...

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Then, under the leadership of Ah Bao, everyone went up to the second floor. In the hall on the second floor, Chu Shaoyan had already thrown the submachine gun in his hand aside. He was holding a cigarette in his hand, and he was smoking while wondering what he was thinking.

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The ears exposed to the air were red.

Ye Jinlong is not a piece of wood, so he naturally guessed what Tang Hu and the others might know. Ye Jinlong was very depressed about this: the fact that he didn't get the guild leader's token had already had a great impact on his seizure of power. For those forces in Shaoyan, there is basically no hope of seizing power!

Gu's father had seen too many such scenes, and he came out to smooth things out as usual: "Xiao Shu, when did you come back?" He patted Guan Shu on the back, and said gratifiedly: "I haven't seen you for so many years, you look much more stable now, It seems that the military academy is still useful."

Suddenly—Chu Shaoyan thought of a very serious problem, that is, when Ye Tianhe was alive, the two opponents of Baidao Industry in the same city had concerns and did not dare to act in an open and honest manner. Do you still have concerns?

"You must have heard of Tiantang No. 1 drug." Holding the bottle, Chu Shaoyan stared at Starscream coldly and said, "Since you can betray Ye Jinlong, you will naturally betray me one day. To make you feel at ease Do something for me, and I will inject this bottle of heaven-one special medicine into your body."

But Shen Yao didn't pay attention to anyone, not even anyone, and even threw away the things they gave them face to face.

Touching his nose, Chu Shaoyan sighed, looked at the beautiful sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl in front of him and sighed, "I'm not a good person. You said you asked me to save your father, what happened? Does anything matter?"

He will be very free recently, because Shen Yao knows that Xu Yibai will definitely look for him. He deliberately moved into this address that Xu Yibai didn't know, and took a period of leave with the dance troupe, so he didn't have to train or perform.

The phone kept ringing, Guan Shu not only put his feet against the door, but also blocked it with his hands, causing Shen Yao to be blocked by him at the door, unable to even close the door.

After thinking of this, Chu Shaoyan was shocked, because the answer was very obvious, at this moment a burst of soothing music slowly sounded, awakening Chu Shaoyan who was thinking. .

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"Shaoyan, I just heard that you and Tang Hu were assassinated?" Ye Tianhe got straight to the point, and there was nothing wrong with his tone. .

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