payday loans really bad credit
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【personal loans atlanta ga bad credit 】 。

His whole body flew upside down, almost crawling to the ground!

"Hmph, this fellow Dong Tiannan is really arrogant, he even occupied the entrance! He snatched the elixir!"

Xia Gan seems to be the bosom friend of this scholar man!

At this time, Tian Jianqing's defeat was already evident!

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"Xia Gan! You are lucky this time!"
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Because they saw an unimaginable scene!
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"Elder Zhou, the four of them really died! They were killed by Xia Gan! In addition, we had more than 300 disciples who also died at the hands of Xia Gan! All of this was done by Xia Gan! Xia Gan did it! "
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"Look everyone! Wu Jue and Zhuo Buyi are actually here!"
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It wasn't Bai Liuyun as they guessed!
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Ordinary people will split into four with the slightest contact with the body!
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