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Lu Xi secretly glanced at Deng Chang on the right, and found that Deng Chang was holding a small glass of sparkling wine. .

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Deng Chang found it unbelievable, but when Lu Xi drank, he sighed, and decided to explain if he didn't think there was any need for an explanation: "If I hate you, I won't be waiting here for you."

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After getting in the car, Lu Xi and Deng Chang were in the last seat side by side. Wang Lili turned around from the front row and told them about today's shooting situation.

At that time, Lu Xi saw Deng Chang's WeChat profile picture for the first time, and it turned out to be a landscape photo with a middle-aged style, a lake beside a beautiful forest.

Lucy turned his back to him but looked back, the slender and slender neck showed clear tendons because of the turning of the head, and a small mole on the fair skin on the side of the shoulder blade was hidden into the edge of the clothes.

"6—8—8?" Huang Bin looked at the score several times in disbelief, then turned to Lu Xi, "Son, you can take half of your Brother Deng Chang's score."

Lucy lifted up the hem of his clothes and studied his lower abdomen. Because of the training direction, figure skaters are slender. There are not too developed muscles in the shoulders and back, but the waist and abdomen are strong and the lines on the waist are often very beautiful.

He didn't want to learn the most classic and personal style of the previous series of freeze frames. He just wanted to try the arrangement of clasping hands to opening and skating. It would be cool to put it in the show.

When he was resting, Deng Chang jumped. Although he let go of the cruel words of "weaker than me" when he was ten years old, Lu Xi must admit that Deng Chang's jumping is really awesome.

I could only feel the violent heartbeat coming through the clothes when Deng Chang hugged him.

Coach Chen Qi on the side had never talked much, so he silently nodded his head in agreement.

But it is really relieved. .

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As soon as Lu Xi appeared in the camera, the barrage was so thick that his face was covered. .

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