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"Let's talk about the plan this time. Although I have made a name for myself, with my current strength, I'm afraid it won't be very effective. Specifically, how should I fight? Should I attack the earth area, or attack the earth area together with King Yuyi?" , In the end, I should appear on the stage again, and you will capture King Yuyi, and I will cut off his head in public?" Su Ran started to ask a series of questions. ... what kind of credit score do i need to quallify for an 18 month interest free credit card??

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If he can defeat Su Ran, he is confident that his invincibility will double. .

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There is also King Yuyi, who also has to guard against it. ...

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Old Demon shook his head and said: "It's really reckless, King Yu Yi, you acted like crazy, and you don't give King Yu Yi any face, you can see that you have a lot of background.

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The fusion of the prince and the jade muscle water Gu was a success in seconds.

The main demon and the ancient sage sometimes frowned, sometimes closed their eyes, and sometimes looked at each other.

However, Su Ran's closest chance to obtain the Heaven-Treading Wind Gu still fell into the hands of the Red Lotus Immortal Palace.

"Crazy, crazy!"

Nanshan Hou paused and understood the meaning of Su Ran's words: "Su Hou thinks King Yuyi can win? But the emperor has already broken through!"

No matter what, the current situation of King Yuyi is a bit weird, and Su Ran has a feeling of something ominous.

"Juniors, your deadline has not yet come, and you are not welcome in Bulao Mountain."

"Jingmo, what exactly does the Demon Heart Cult want to do?" Dao Kan Shengxian said in a deep voice, "I really want to destroy this large land area, but you and Yin Demon alone can't do it."

In a secret room, Huahou and Minghou sat anxiously, and the fear in their hearts was revealed on their faces.

"Yu Yi, Yu Zhong has already become a half-detached person, you have seized the throne, why did you kill Yu Zhong, and caused my Yu royal family to lose another half-detached person!" .

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Qiu Hongmian kept explaining what happened the previous few days. .

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