student loan growth statistics
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【 student loan 】 After watching Dong Wenjun leave, Dong Junmao took a look inside the club, thinking that Qian Shan was also angry, and he also wanted to find someone to teach Qian Shan severely, but considering the possible consequences, he did not dare to do so . 。

But he couldn't say anything about it, he could only shrug his shoulders, and said while picking up vegetables: "Really, why don't I bring you the medicine I bought and you can try it yourself?"

Qian Shan spread his hands: "I didn't do anything, and you know everything about it, don't look at me like that, you just kissed me, you will have to pay it back later."

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Zhao Feifei burst out laughing.
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"Huh? Qian Shan is here!" Su Yushan came out from the front desk all of a sudden, stood directly in front of Qian Shan, and said to him expectantly: "Brother Qian Shan~ Can you give me some special medicine too? People want it too~"
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"No, my sister said she was not feeling well and wanted to sleep and rest, so she didn't have dinner."
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Zhao Feifei's eyes suddenly lit up, and he quickly ran to Kong Dahu, pointed at Zhu Kunpeng and said, "Brother Hu, him!"
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Qian Shan nodded and sat down.
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