what credit score gets the best mortgage rate
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【what is fixed mortgage? 】 [Don't change your name when you sit, don't change your surname when you're going, so is the Immortal King of Nanming! 】 。

And An Ran stands out among such a group of people.

"This is the future..." I don't know who sighed.


Huang Feihu sneered when he heard the words: "Only by him?"

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Shui Qingyan was really irritable at this time.
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The next moment, Mu Wenjun's face changed abruptly, and he whispered: "This is—"
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Outside the city lord's mansion, a group of people all looked at each other in blank dismay.
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Not to mention Ling Jieyu and others who followed him.
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An Ran was helpless, and pointed at her chest: "I'm really on the sixth level of Qi training! Look at this mark on my clothes, the gold color means I'm a direct descendant, and a sword means I only have the Qi training period..."
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Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly followed the girl's footsteps.
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[Option 1: I understand the truth, but why don't you wear clothes? Reward: Nameless Formation]
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