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But in the blink of an eye, the strange coffin has rushed to the front of the hall!

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An Ran smiled and looked above her head.

Sister Hong grinned and said, "You're smart, get out now."

But how is that possible?

"??? Why do I still think you are finding fault?"

I don't know when, the bed where he was sleeping was full of flying swords, the hilts of those flying swords were wrapped with bamboo leaves, and the sword blades brushed against his body, cutting his whole clothes to pieces!

Outside the Taixuan Sword Sect's mountain gate, Wang Zhengchu took a deep look at this ancient holy place.

In the beginning, his cultivation speed was extremely slow, which was the same as usual.

An Ran couldn't help being speechless.

I have seen too many strange things, and I am used to the strange power and chaos.

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It seems that not long ago, it was like this in Iron Bone Gate... .

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