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Lucy realized after a while that this person was just saying it to tease him on purpose, knowing that he would not ask him for supper. ... the risk-free interest rate for a five-year maturity

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Distressed emotions entangled Lu Xi again, he gently squeezed Deng Chang's shoulder: "So he bullied you, right?" .

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It may be because the light bulb is not working well, the room is a bit dark, and at the first glance, Deng Chang lowered his eyes to look at the ground, showing a colder and restrained expression than usual.

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Lucy slid down casually: "What's so interesting about this post, aren't you looking for it yourself?"

- Deng Chang:.

Deng Chang's head was so big that he couldn't choose what to say: "Then I will congratulate you again in the postscript of the weather forecast tomorrow?"

Xiaoxi’s free skating was not written in detail because the World Championships wrote about him in detail. In principle, the same program should be written in detail once a season, otherwise it would be too watery.

"Yeah." Deng Chang nodded: "What are you doing?"

The more difficult and unskilled the jump, the easier it is to jump into the gap.

Take a deep breath and adjust your center of gravity.

Deng Chang said that he should recover next year.

And when Lucy imitated, he swayed up and down several times, Jiang Han directly masked the pain, switched the agricultural documentary on TV to the animal world, and showed Lucy what a "crazy gibbon" is.

Since it is a phoenix theme, Costen used in the show is naturally reddish, but the designer did not choose a bright red with too high saturation, because too bright red will steal the limelight of the contestants themselves, so it needs to be very expressive or have their own aura Only very strong players can afford it, but Lucy doesn't belong to this type, and it may even be too pale because of the bright red. .

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Lucy clicked her tongue quite dissatisfied: "I've known you for so many years, but you haven't treated me any better." .

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