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【best online car title loan 】 Su Ran just wanted to be the fourth child, not the boss, so it was reasonable to receive 70% of the punch from the boss. 。

In the middle of the hall, a stone monument was erected.

Su Ran's winning pool rose by one thousand and two.

After Immortal Gu left, Su Ran came to the cave of Minggu Mountain.

"Buy Su Ran."

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The man in Tsing Yi smiled and said: "No, no, I didn't help you. You already defeated Ouyang Jing, and Ouyang Jing was also killed by you. It has nothing to do with me."
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An old man landed on the fighting platform and shouted softly in a heavy voice: "In this match, Ming Tianshi wins, and Kuisheng dies."
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Throwing away the thoughts, the Gu in his hands are all seriously injured, and now Su Ran urgently needs money to buy medicine from the Eight Great Families to treat the Gu insects.
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After picking up 400 secret stones, he quickly ran to the central city. When he came back, Su Ran had thirty-six first-grade ordinary Gu worms in his hands.
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When Su Ran followed Yang Miao to Yuanzhai's living room, Gui Yuanxin was arguing fiercely with the third leader of the bandit.
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After digesting the Gu worm resources in the City Lord's Mansion, Su Ran's strength increased greatly. This is Su Ran's current body attributes.
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Qiao Yan received 20% of the winning pool as Su Ran's reward, a total of nearly 4,000 secret stones.
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"Bloodthirsty Gu? You actually have an outbreak Gu worm!"
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