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【online usda loan application 】 He was not flying fast because of his injuries. 。

perfect condition!

Ouyang Qi was silent for a while, and then resolutely said: "Since this is the case, then there is no need to fight again, against Gu Immortals, count me in!"

"The Gu Immortal is coming, and the sin family will be wiped out! My Lin family is also finished..." Another ninth-rank Gu master of the Lin family also had a sad face.

"He's running out of speed, kill him, attack!"

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The young master shouldn't have given Su Ran to King Yuyi now. Su Ran's strength is obvious to all. With Su Ran around, he may not be able to resist Qianshanling. "
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"It's quite a lot. There are still three Gu essences in Qianshanling's treasury. This Marquis of Qianshan has his own inventory, and he came to Beigong to collect Gu essences." Yue Nuer said with a little disdain.
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"My son is overthinking, but I have a feeling in my heart. I feel that there is a great opportunity for me, so I will try it out."
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Su Ran tried to continue to integrate into the source of ordinary poisonous Gu, but it was useless.
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Even Gu Immortals can't resist the eclipse of the strange sea.
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In Jiuyue Jiyu, expand a domain. In the domain, Su Ran can use the domain power to accelerate himself, and also slow down others. The effect of acceleration and acceleration is related to the amount of domain power deployed.
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Someone came to a sudden: "That's right! The strength of the second son also belongs to the category of top rank three Gu Immortals! Especially the Immortal Armament Overlord Halberd can greatly increase the output of domain power. Even if the strength of the second son's domain power is not as strong as Su Ran, it can Relying on quantity and fighting against Su Ran! The total domain power of the second rank three Gu Immortal is definitely far more than Su Ran, a newcomer rank two immortal!"
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Huang Xu: "Is there a solution?"
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