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【which credit bureau does prosper use 】 The Xiao family seems to be united, but in fact all parties are relatively complicated: Long Juntian and Luo Zhifeng are quite independent in their work and personality; Jiang Zhengfeng and Ye Xiangdong belong to the small hills of the local department. Relatively speaking, on the contrary, Tong's side uses 'Royal No. 2' as a link, and the relationship between them is closer. 。

"Woo—" Liu Danyan opened her eyes to look, and immediately shrank into the silk quilt with a whimper of shame, trembling in Chu Shaoyan's arms.

About three minutes later, when Chu Shaoyan was about to hang up the phone to ask about An Linshan, the other party spoke again, but this time it was Shangguan Zetian who spoke.

"Why should my sister be subservient to others? Hmph, you're fine with the Hua family's mother-daughter couple. Could it be that my sister's gathering is a hindrance to human relations?" Shangguan Zetian suddenly raised his head and said angrily.

The corners of the girl's mouth were slightly raised, and cold shards splashed out. When she looked at Chu Shaoyan, her eyes blinked slightly, and she seemed to be saying: Do you see that, your subordinates are staring at him like this!

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Pointing at Chu Shaoyan, he bit his tongue and said, "He, that deer, we are all hunters, a group of hunters with guns, and he resisted with the horns on his head."
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"Father-in-law!" Chu Shaoyan also stood up and nodded slightly. It is definitely worthwhile to bow his head to him. As the deputy governor of the Jiangdong region, Bai Zhenghua has a high position and authority. The other party can completely settle Chu Shaoyan's marriage difficulties faced above.
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Chu Shaoyan reached out and tapped her on the head helplessly: "Please keep your serious side, female police officer!"
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At the moment, Wan Min and Qiao Zhenlin went to the office of Wei Huatong, secretary of the Ningcheng Municipal Party Committee. Qiao Zhenlin was the fourth in command of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, and Wei Huatong's secretary didn't dare to wait too long, so he hurriedly made tea for the two of them, explaining in a low voice that Secretary Wei was receiving guests.
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"Goldfinger!" Chu Shaoyan had a sneer from hell, "When did he arrive in Guangdong? When is he going to arrive in Hong Kong? When is he smuggling? And what's his real name?"
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This time Chu Shaoyan seemed to have met a very dedicated doctor. The doctor did not ask Chu Shaoyan to pay first, but arranged Ye Ruoxi's treatment immediately.
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The explosive female voice makes the dance music more seductive and crazy, with a hysterical sense of venting; suddenly the dance music sounds a little louder, and the deafening drum beats make everyone's blood boil.
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Chu Shaoyan was a little embarrassed, just when the phone rang, so he walked aside to answer it.
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