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According to the previous agreement, Dongjiang District has completely become the headquarters of the 'Golden Dragon Gang', so this time Jin Shangbang can be said to be the host, and he is mainly responsible for the safety, organization, and coordination of all flood fighting associations.

Sure enough, Xu Yibai's chest began to rise and fall gradually, because of that deep breath. He turned his face, but the voice that was suppressed by force seemed to be growling: "Then why do you care about life and death? If you are worried that no one will protect you, I will."

Xu Yibai unconsciously stretched his arm, and heard Shen Yao's uncomfortable muffled sound. He didn't let go, and stared down at Shen Yao's gland, quickly seeing through it with his eyes.

In the morning, Yan Zhixing, who hadn't slept for a few hours, woke up according to his biological clock.

"Do you need my help in obtaining evidence?"

"Do you really want to put it here?" Shen Yao frowned suspiciously, and reminded, "No one will steal this."

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