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【next payday loans no credit check 】 Blood, headless corpses, sunken chests, severed arms... 。

"There are more than tens of millions of Gu worms in the world. No matter how rare the Gu worm is, I may encounter them in the future. It's just a legendary Gu worm. How can it restrain me!"

He felt that the middle ground between the unicorn and the red-stocked monkey was the safest in the entire Red Valley Plain.

"Young master Li, you are a large number of adults, please spare my wife's life..."

Touched the back of his head.

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In a sense, integrating into Yugu is more advantageous than melting into Gu.
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Su Ran's heart tightened, "This Gu worm is not like that bloodthirsty Gu, it is very vigilant!"
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"The master can see it too. The murderer is a master of claws. He only used three claws to kill Wu Youyou and Zhang An. The power of the claws is far beyond the ordinary. It can be said to kill each other in seconds. And this claw is like ..."
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Not only outsiders, but also shooting arrows at them from behind?
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"Master, do you have something to do tonight? Why did you send so many people out?" Bai Meier gently pinched Xiao Yong's shoulders lying on the rocking chair, her mouth was full of affection, as if she had wiped honey.
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Yi Kong left, Su Ran still stayed under the big tree.
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Li Shan has become a first-rank Gu Master.
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Su Ran stopped, turned again, and dodged again.
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