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After the great changes in the world, immortal energy gushes out from all parts of Xianqin, turning it into a blessed and treasured place. ... what time does diamond credit union close

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This middle-aged Taoist seemed calm and honest, but in the end, he turned out to be as unreliable as old Nan Guo! .

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The prey that can be revived after swallowing it twice in a row is one of the few in its life! ...

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Although the system requires 100,000 fist guessing times, perhaps because of too much confidence in himself, there is no specific target.

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Immediately afterwards, he couldn't help but his expression changed dramatically.

Zhou Qian withdrew his hand slowly, blinking his eyes imperceptibly.

Finally, he gritted his teeth fiercely, raised his palm and touched An Ran's hair with a flick of his finger. Immediately, like a frightened rabbit, he turned into a flash of lightning and fled away in an instant.

But he is the body of a puppet, and he is not moved by it at all, but stares at Xuan Xin coldly.

An extra flying boat appeared under Gu Ming Shaozun's feet, and the flying boat turned into light, its speed instantly increased to the limit, and it disappeared without a trace.

The voice of the boy in white came from outside Tanggu.

"Do you have the keys? Do you deserve them? How many do you have?" Some elder sneered and exhaled fragrance.

At least in terms of survival, this system does have its unique features.

Immediately, his figure disappeared.

Who would have expected that just by turning his head, Immortal King Gu Tuo once again attracted a lot of hatred in a few words. .

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"I don't believe that the Open Heaven Land, which even the first immortals flock to, will have the chance for me to break through to the second level of Daotai Realm." Believe it or not, An Ran is unfortunate anyway. .

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