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In fact, Su Ran has a little secret in his heart, which he has never told anyone... ... how can i keep them from taking student loan money from tax return

test. craft capital management secures 2 mm installment loan for leading online retailer yogaclub Yi Kong's handwriting cannot be faked, and he used the firefly Gu as a summons, how did the murderer do it? ….

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The woman who first discovered the murder scene replied with tears in her voice: "Back to the Lord of Wuzhai, my master invited Captain Zhang to talk at home tonight, but not long after the two talked, I heard the sound of the door being smashed. I hurriedly went out to call for the master, only to find that both the master and Captain Zhang had died in the lobby, and I begged the two village masters to be the masters of my master... .

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The human-controlling Gu is different from the Gu master. After the human-controlling Gu controls the Gu master, although the blood and fire in the Gu master's body can still be retained, the blood and fire will turn black. ...

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"I see."

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However, Su Ran now found out that there are many benefits to paying good money. If there is no reminder from Qian Buer, he may not have discovered the problem of the number of controlling Gu, let alone the hidden danger of the mother-child seven-star Gu.

There is an introduction to all the Gu insects in the store in the Gu register, so customers don't need to identify them one by one.

The aura of the Monkey King is also gradually weakening...

Let's just say that now, he possesses claw power beyond the strength of a tiger, and he may not necessarily be able to surpass a superhuman.

The Heavy Qi Gu controlled by Jiao Shuyuan has super powerful attack power, surpassing the power of twelve tigers, very strong.

Wei Tie had mixed feelings in his heart.

When Qian Buer heard that Feng Jieren also mentioned the purple seed, his eyes shone brightly, and he looked straight at Su Ran, swallowing his saliva from time to time, as if looking at a rare treasure.

Wei Tieren was a little crazy, "Let me tell you, I have already contacted the fifth hunting team. They know that I am still alive. You should think about how to get rid of the suspicion of murder, haha..."

Did he think too much?

"Okay," the boss personally took a rare chrysalis and put it in Su Ran's hand, and introduced, "This Gu is called Yin Snake Gu, a rare Gu insect, and it is a melting Gu. Controlling it can make the Gu master's skin soft and soft." , hard to penetrate with a sword and gun, worth ten secret stones." .

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The Gu worm came to Su Ran's hands, and within a moment, he died. .

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