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【personal loan icici bank online 】 The hooves stomped forward, and countless blood burst out, and Xu Ao's majestic warrior's eyes turned red, shouted loudly, and hugged Tongtianxi's big feet! 。

Yan Zai didn't know the status of this song. Of course, before this song was heard by Emperor Fangxun, that is, Emperor Yao, it was just an ordinary hymn.

However, this is impossible. The direct blood of Emperor Yan is basically in the north. In order to attract Rongguang, the Yellow Emperor gave Yandi a very generous treatment. Zhuxiang, Yinkang, and Haoying all surrendered, and Rongguang was even Appointed as Da Sima, Zhu Rong was given the post, and Jinyun was appointed as Xia Guanbu.

Give it a go!

And when Yu Zai Youyou woke up, she found that the five tutors were not here, but some voices could be faintly heard nearby, which could not be heard if the ears were behind her ears.

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Yu Zai waved his hand: "What you said, I just treat them to a meal. After fighting for a day, how can I kill me if I don't eat, don't you think?"
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In this way, the wizards of the Yaoshan clan also felt this way.
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Di Fangxun turned his head and stopped for a while.
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Non-professionals are so powerful, but what about the opposite professional? Is it the same as the professional people here?
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Chong Bo suddenly proposed this matter, Zhu Rong looked at him in surprise, but shook his head again: "I heard that Yan Long and the others once recruited this child, but he did not agree, probably because Huandou said that the Central Plains is not stable. Things...."
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So, soon the Central Plains was going to send people to bring a batch of "hard currency" such as cattle, sheep, and grain seeds, and set off for the south. This year's grain harvest was bumper, and last year was flooded. At this time, the people and tribes in the Central Plains were full of emotion.
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Di Fangxun has many brothers, apart from the dead Di Zhi, Huo Zhengqi, and Shi Shen who left Daxia, these four brothers are relatives.
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So the soil was planted by Gun, and he came to the section of the collapsed dam, and walked along the big crack, and the soil was stuffed into the crack by him, and the five-color soil began to erode the entire dam, and the energy between heaven and earth gathered here. , Gun infused witchcraft into Xiyang, and then, the Qi of the heaven and earth split, and Xiyang began to grow automatically!
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