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It seems that everyone came here in a rush, but because of the distance of one step, it may be several days, or even years. .

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There are a total of six buildings in this community. It used to be a family courtyard allocated by the factory. It was a good community back then, but with the closure of the factory and the disrepair, the houses here have long been dilapidated. ...

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"It used to be, but now it doesn't." Chu Shaoyan said lightly.

next moment……

After seeing the blood, Starscream went completely crazy! She smiled presumptuously, took out the grains of salt she had prepared in advance and said, "Honey, come and taste the salt water!" After that, she sprinkled those grains of salt on Chu Shaoyan's body.

Chu Shaoyan casually glanced at the croupier girl, and lightly uttered four words: "The game continues."

"Everyone be careful!" As soon as the lights went out, Chu Shaoyan quickly threw away the incense in his hand, and the ivory pistol in his sleeve fell into his hand immediately! Chu Shaoyan grabbed Ye Tianhe and squatted down, at the same time he quickly pulled the trigger.

He had a triumphant smile on his face. Unlike Mr. Xu, Mr. Jiang was very ambitious despite his age. Ever since Chu Shaoyan had a conflict with his nephew in the Sanlian Association's entertainment city last time, he had joined hands with Ye Jinlong in private. All along, he has secretly supported Ye Jinlong in seizing power. Now that Ye Jinlong is so angry that he has started to betray President Ye, how can he be unhappy as the instigator?

After entering the hotel, Ye Tianhe smiled and greeted several people in the lobby of the hotel. Obviously, those people also came to this club meeting. And those people are big brothers from some small societies, and they looked very polite after seeing Ye Tianhe.

Jiang Li continued to ask, "Speak up."

What Jiang Li was thinking, Cheng Shu didn't know, but he understood a little bit, never take what Jiang Li said out of that broken mouth seriously... because it would never be true!

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"Hey... step on the brakes." A voice sounded. .

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