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And the strange beasts are also very good, and they pretend to accept offerings. Of course, there are also some guys, such as Youhou, Longgui, and Xishangong, who are serious local gods. It seems like, but people do have supernatural powers. They can bless others and accept sacrifices. They can also curse and bless various positive and negative states, even help vegetation grow, check the flow of celestial phenomena, and guide the direction of Qi... .. ... best bank for mortgage

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After interfering with the divination of Diyoushi's wizard, Chisongzi Shi Shiran left from Diyoushi. .

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Dayi took Guzi away, held up the iron bull the size of a hen, and said: "This kind of 'stone' is called Xuanshi in the Central Plains. This new creature, it is good to resurrect the dead, but why? It will be like this..." ...

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"Although you, the Hong family, sold us sick cows last time, and even though we once thought of setting fire to your house for revenge, since we are all companions in the southern fields, I will not set the fire... .”

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"What's that big flat ball that spins?"

But now, among the three Gu sculptures, one fell freely and died, and the remaining two were nailed to death by Dayi's arrows!

Dayi discovered that the saline soil in the salt pan, that is, the salt water soil that had been moistened, cultivated, and undergoing changes, had lost part of it.

This kind of speed is unprecedented, and it is not the work of one person!

Yan Zai patted Yan Yu's back: "Don't cry."

Seeing You Lao's expression, Mo Hong's witch immediately pulled down his old face.

"You don't need Yuliang, let me help you."

"Is that their totem?"

The witch of Diyoushi just thought about this sentence in his heart, but didn't dare to say it.

"But if it's true, then it must be a very kind god who likes the Chigata clan very much. He would rather sacrifice himself in exchange for the survival of the tribe... In the memory of history, few gods would do this Do." .

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Speaking of the Great Western Wilderness in this the Great Wilderness Western Classic and the Western Mountain Classic... .

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