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He is known as a genius among geniuses, a rare existence that can be called invincible at the same level! ... sample calculation of loan amortization for small lending company in the philippines

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The outfits of Lei Zhe and others are not weird, they are all clothes that Lei Zhe asked the artisan department to make according to his own aesthetics. His aesthetics are naturally closer to Huaxia. The clothes are not special except for the fabric, but the shape is still very ordinary . .

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"Haha, is your future immediate boss?" ...

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After choosing the things, Lei Zhe took the big bags and ran to the barber shop. Washing, cutting and drying are definitely indispensable. Although some men have long hair nowadays, his long hair is still a bit eye-catching , now he and Lilith are both people without resident status, if they are noticed, they will definitely cause some unnecessary troubles.

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"Hee hee, to be honest, I'm penniless, I don't have a team to organize me, and killing monsters is too cruel, I can hardly support myself, I can live here temporarily." Lydia is pitiful The appearance didn't make Lei Zhe feel cute, but goose bumps all over his body.

"Could it be this arrow!" Everyone was stunned. It was fine before, and everyone knew that the buzzing sound was the prelude to stop the black arrow, but now it's gone.

"Hmph! I think it's just his luck! Maybe Zhao Baichuan went mad because of his practice? Otherwise, I don't believe that Xia Gan can't defeat Zhao Baichuan with just his own burst of strength!"


"This is... the orange grade! The first grade of the orange grade!"

This relationship may have changed to some extent, Lei Zhe didn't want to deny the existence of this relationship, even if it would bring some endless and dangerous troubles, what about him?

One day after Valk showed the steam engine with the goblin logo to the other party, a group of goblins shouted excitedly. Under the guard of the knights, the two goblins skillfully started the steam engine. This was a major discovery. Returned to Rost from the mine.

The goblins are eager to make that kind of thing one day, so they study the magic crystal crazily, hoping to understand the wonders inside one day, but unfortunately they have no way to get in touch with the principle of magic, which makes the progress of this research very slow.

"I am Xuantian authentic..."

Posing on the street, taking selfies, and taking dozens of photos together, Lilith was everywhere in the street. Lei Zhe suddenly felt that this moment was a bit unreal, and brought people from another world back to the earth. Traveling through the past is even more dreamy. .

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They simply didn't believe that a mere existence at the sixth level of the True Spirit Realm could compete with the six of them! .

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